Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Item of the Week - Long Chain Purses

Usually, I am a big-bag kind if a girl. With two phones, planers, coin purses, wallets, house-car-business keys, business card holders, flyers, coupons, camera.. I could go on and on,  there is absolutely no way for me to fit it all in one small bag. 

Last month, my childhood friend from Germany came to visit and she had this adorable studded, black leather purse on her, which was a complete wake-up call to me. Instead of carrying everything and the kitchen sink (or is it "but the kitchen sink"?), I decided to narrow it down to the essentials. Keys, ID, Blackberry and life is much more easier these days. (Ok, I am not being completely honest with you, I still leave the big bag in the car with all my other items in it.. it's a process.)

If you would like to give your shoulders a break, here are a few affordable options to do so.

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